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“Our objective was to make a consistent tasting cigar to please ourselves. Since we’ll be smoking the same cigars as the public, we’ll know if anything changes, and there will be hell to pay.”

John Oliva Sr.

President, Oliva Tabacco Company, Established in 1934

Not to be confused with Oliva Cigar Co

01The Team

Raul Disla

Raul began his career in the tobacco industry in his native country, the Dominican Republic at the young age of 9 years old.

He started out the first ten years of his career with Cueves y Torano seeding tobacco in the lush, sun drenched fields then worked his way up to pre-industry within the cigar factory where he selected and processed the wrappers, binders and filler leaves for the various blends used in production. Ultimately, he became a master roller at the factory.

He then spent a year rolling for Davidoff in the D.R. after which he found himself in Miami rolling once again for Cueves y Torano family at their stateside location.

As fate would have it, he accepted a position at the Nica Habano factory in Esteli, Nicaragua as the factory manager and master blender where he spent the next 3 years overseeing the Cueves y Torano production.

He then traveled the globe for the next 5 years demonstrating his craft by rolling Dunhill Cigars for British American Tobacco at numerous international cigar shows.

Later he worked for A.J. Fernandez under whose tutelage he further honed his blending skills in Esteli for the next 2 years. Then back stateside for another 2 years rolling for the Giro & Legacy Cigar shops in Austin, Texas. Then again back to A.J. Fernandez as production manager where he also assisted with the New World blends.

He also did a rolling event tour with Serious Cigar Shops based out of Houston, Texas.

He was discovered by Nicaragua American Cigars in 2015 and began as production manager ultimately assuming the position of factory manager.

02The Team

John E. Oliva Jr.

Fourth generation tobacco man, John Oliva Jr’s. journey in the tobacco business began early in life.

Starting at the age of eight, the young Oliva spent several summers picking Candela wrappers in the once tobacco rich region of Gadsden County Florida. This experience was the impetus that would foster a life-long passion for the leaf.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa, John Jr joined his father and grandfather at Oliva Tobacco Company in 1993.

It was there under the careful tutelage of his grandfather, Angel Oliva Sr, he learned all the intricacies of the tobacco growing business. Upon the passing of his grandfather he was able to further his knowledge base when he became the beneficiary of a wealth of cigar making knowledge from industry icon, Frank Llaneza.

Today John Jr helps manage and oversee Oliva Tobacco’s extensive overseas operations.

03The Team

John E. Oliva Sr.

John E. Oliva Sr has been a director and president of Oliva Tobacco Company since 1980. From 1970 to 1980, Mr. Oliva served as executive vice president.

Oliva Tobacco Company, established in 1934 by Angel Oliva Sr, is a grower and supplier of premier cigar tobaccos to the cigar industry from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Connecticut, and Indonesia.

During his tenure, Mr. Oliva has been responsible for the expansion of Oliva Tobacco Company’s overseas farming operations and growth into one of the world’s pre-eminent wrapper tobacco suppliers. Prior to joining Oliva Tobacco Company, Mr. Oliva served as sectional vice president for Computer Complex, Inc., a computer timesharing company from Houston, Texas which had purchased his company, Data Communications Services Inc. Of Florida.

Mr. Oliva graduated from Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida and was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Florida where he was a member of the gator football team under Ray Graves while earning his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree.

He has served on the boards of JR Cigar, Inc., Independent Bank of Florida, USAmeribank and is a member of the Cigar Association of America as well as a number of civic and charitable organizations.

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